There are 3 main types of domestic boilers; regular boilerscombi boilers and system boilers. Each of these have their own unique features and benefits and thus suit different kinds of properties. This article aims to identify the key features of each boiler type, listing their advantages and their suitability for different households. If you wish to explore which boiler could be the best choice for your home, keep reading to discover the capabilities on offer from each option.


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Boiler types

Prior to making any decisions about the kind of boiler that best suits your household, you should ensure that you have an ample amount of knowledge about the choices on offer. Here at HomeServe, we install a variety of boilers of all different types, brands and sizes, so we’re more than capable of providing you with the information that you need. Here’s everything we recommend you should know about the 3 boiler types:


Regular Boilers

Regular boilers, also known as conventional or heat-only boilers, are the traditional form of home boiler systems and are typically found in older properties. These boilers provide your home with heat through the radiators and store hot water in a separate cylinder. Cold water is also stored in a separate storage tank.


  • Able to deliver hot water to multiple taps simultaneously
  • A typically ideal choice for properties that already have a traditional form of central heating
  • Often feature a ‘back up’ electric immersion heater to ensure that you still have access to hot water if the boiler breaks down.

Combi boilers

Combi or “combination” boilers are designed to be highly-efficient boiler systems that provide households with both instantaneous hot water and effective central heating. These boilers are often a popular choice for homeowners, with their compact dimensions and multi-purpose functioning being particular distinguishing factors.


  • Compact build and no requirement for a water cylinder or tank, designed to allow space-saving
  • Instantaneous hot water
  • Only heat the water that is used, thus enabling potential savings.

System boilers

System boilers can be likened to both regular and combi boilers. They store hot water in a separate cylinder like regular boilers and are compact with most components being built-in, like combi boilers. System boilers are designed to deliver effective heat and have an ability to provide hot water on a large scale.


  • Can supply constant hot water to multiple taps at the same time
  • Typically quick and easy to install as most components are built in
  • No need for an additional cold-water storage tank


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Which boiler is best for my home?

Heat and hot water are essential to the running of your household. As a result of this, finding a boiler system that suits your family’s needs is significantly important. Here we outline typical property types and the boilers that we feel usually suit them best:


“I have a small or medium house with an average demand for hot water.” – If this statement best describes your household, a combi boiler could be the best choice for you. A combi boiler could allow you to save space in your home as they are compact and typically easily placed out of sight in a boiler cupboard. These boilers are designed to be highly-efficient and are able to provide your home with both effective heat and instantaneous hot water without the need for any additional components. Installations generally tend to be quick and easy, although a switch from another type of boiler could make the process slightly longer.


“I have a medium house with a high demand for hot water.” – Does this sound like your property? If so, a system boiler could be the right choice for you. System boilers have most of their components built in, with the exception of an external cylinder that is used to store your hot water. These boilers have the power to deliver effective central heating to larger properties and are also able to provide a constant supply of hot water to multiple taps at the same time, a great benefit if your home has two or more bathrooms.


“I have a medium or large house with a high demand for hot water.” - If this relates to your household, installing a regular boiler could be the ideal option for you and your family. Regular boilers are great for homes where multiple people require hot water at the same time, so if you have two or more bathrooms and require hot water to be supplied to different locations simultaneously, then a regular boiler could be the best choice for you. If your home already has this traditional form of central heating, installing your new regular boiler could be a quick and easy process.


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Popular boiler brands

Here at HomeServe, not only do we install a range of boiler types, but we also supply models from top domestic heating brands. We aim to provide our customers with top quality, A-rated boiler systems to effectively meet their needs and seek to install them in a manner that ensures that they work to a high standard.

There are plenty of boiler brands within the boiler manufacturing industry. Here are a few:


Worcester Bosch

A leading home heating brand, Worcester Bosch pride themselves on supplying state-of-the art boilers to homeowners across the UK. A number of the brand’s products have been labelled as ‘Best Buys’ by ‘Which?’ and are recognised by their customers as highly-efficient, reliable sources of home heating. Their popular ranges include their Greenstar i and Greenstar CDi boilers.



This boiler brand has been manufacturing domestic heating products for over 100 years, and its boilers were Reader Recommended by Hearst’s Good Housekeeping magazine in 2017. Ideal describes their assortment of Vogue boilers as their premium range and their Logic+boilers as flagship products.



Frequently recognised as the brains behind the combi boiler, this German brand aim to make energy-efficient boilers that are designed with the well-being of the environment as well as the satisfaction of their customers in mind. Boiler ranges include the EcoTec Pro, EcoTec Plusand the EcoTec Exclusive.



The Baxi heating brand has been manufacturing in the UK since 1866 and aims to provide its customers with reliable and innovative heating products to suit their needs. Their ranges include Baxi Platinum and Baxi EcoBlue boilers.



Vokera aim to produce their boilers with high-efficiency and quality in mind. Their policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement keep them constantly seeking to manufacture products that meet customer needs for years to come. Ranges include Vokera Vision and Vokera Evolve boilers.


Glow Worm

Glow Worm has spent the past 80 years focused on the goal of providing their customers with reliable and highly-efficient products. They pride themselves on their ability to manufacture durable energy solutions and produce all of their products at their manufacturing base in Belper, Derbyshire. Ranges include the Easicom 3 and Ultimate 3 boilers.



Potterton have been active since 1850 and continue to manufacture boilers with the latest heating technologies. This brand aims to provide their customers with energy-efficient, high-quality and easy-to-use products that will suit their individual needs. Their ranges include Potterton Assure and Potterton Promax boilers.



This family business is an international manufacturer of both domestic and commercial heating products. Viessmann produces a variety of boilers aimed to suit every property and has been the recipient of industry awards such as the Red Dot Award for Product Design. Ranges include Vitodens 050 and Vitodens 200 boilers.


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All in all, each boiler type comes with its own number of advantages. As a result of this, determining which boiler is best is quite a subjective process. When making your choice about which option would be most suitable for your property, you must consider your individual requirements, such as the size of your home, the demand for hot water, the number of radiators and the kW output required. Once you have established this, you will then be able to make a suitable choice.

However, you do not have to make the decision on your own. Here at HomeServe, we are more than happy to provide you with any help or information you may need in order to make your choice.

Contact us now or try our online quote tool to receive information about the boiler system that could potentially be the best fit for your home. It may be the first simple step towards upgrading to a new, energy-efficient boiler.

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