Your boiler is the heart of your heating system. It is an essential element of your household, responsible for providing your home with heating and hot water; two crucial factors that influence the comfort levels in your home. It is therefore no wonder why most homeowners tend to want their boiler replacement or installation to be carried out as quickly as possible. Here at HomeServe, our Gas Safe engineers aim to get your new boiler installed into your home as soon as possible, without the quality of the installation being compromised.


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How long could my new boiler replacement/installation take?

It typically takes most engineers up to 5 days to install a new boiler. The HomeServe team aims to get customers’ heating back up and running within a suitable timeframe. The time it takes to complete a new fitting tends to be reliant on a number of factors. This could include:


System changes

Deciding to switch from one boiler type to another could impact the time it takes for your new installation to be completed. For example, a homeowner who chooses to switch from a regular boiler to a combi boiler may find that their installation takes slightly longer than if they chose to install another regular boiler system. This is due to changes that would need to be made to the central heating system, such as pipework modifications, cylinder removals or upgrades to the boiler controls.


Boiler Relocations

Many homeowners decide that their new boiler would be better suited in a different place. For example, your current boiler system may be located in your kitchen, but you could prefer to have your new boiler installed in your loft instead. In this location, you may have more space, you may also be less likely to hear any noise coming from the system, or you may simply think your kitchen will be more aesthetically pleasing without it. A change like this could elongate the installation process as modifications may need to be made to the system such as pipework changes or the movement of floorboards to redirect the pipes that are underneath them.


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When installing a new boiler system, the engineer needs access to the boiler’s flue. If your flue is located in a place that is difficult to reach, even with ladders, scaffolding may be needed in order to complete the job. Should this be the case, the installation process could be slightly prolonged.



It could often be beneficial to your home for you to organise a system powerflush. This process involves sending a liquid chemical solution through your central heating system at a high velocity to rid it of any sludge or debris that may have accumulated over time. This could significantly enhance the efficiency of your new home heating system, so although this process could make the installation/replacement process slightly longer, it could help to safeguard you against future issues such as radiator cold spots or boiler kettling.


Providing the right installation process for your home


The time it takes for your new boiler replacement or installation to be completed is unique to your home and your needs and may also be impacted by system modifications or installation requirements. Nevertheless, you should always bear in mind that regardless of how long an installation takes, the quality of the work done is what should be prioritised. No job should be rushed, as this could compromise the efficiency of the boiler, which could lead to a number of future problems. Here at HomeServe, our Gas trained engineers aim to conduct all boiler replacements and installations in a thorough and professional manner, whilst also aiming to get the job done within a suitable timeframe. Try our free quote tool to obtain an estimate of how much your new boiler replacement/installation could cost. Alternatively, you could call us to speak to one of our trained advisors.


We also offer access to flexible payment plans to help make paying for your new boiler as simple as possible. Visit our Access to finance page to find out more.


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