Annual boiler service, repair and installation

Boiler installation


With the lifespan of a boiler averaging at 10-15 years, sooner or later the time will come to upgrade your existing boiler. Wherever you live in the UK, our network of HomeServe approved installers can help.


HomeServe has local heating companies located across England, Wales and Scotland and can professionally install your brand new boiler for a competitive price.


Each boiler we install is rated A for efficiency and will burn the minimum amount of fuel possible. Depending on the rating of your existing boiler, when you upgrade to a brand new A-rated model, with full heating controls, you could save hundreds of pounds on your annual heating bill*.


We provide a variety of boiler options to suit each home and budget, and customers can choose from leading brands including Ideal, Alpha, Worcester Bosch, Valliant, Baxi and Glow-worm.




Get your boiler installed by our Gas Safe registered engineers


All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully-trained to install the boiler of your choice. To begin the process of installing your new boiler simply use our online quote system.

Once you’ve received your indicative quote we’ll book in a free survey where a surveyor will visit your property and price the job, at a time that’s convenient for you. The resulting quote we provide will be final and you won’t pay any more for the installation of your new boiler.


To obtain a quote use our online tool or alternatively, call our team of friendly advisers.


*If you replace an old G-rated boiler with a modern A-rated boiler, with a full set of heating controls, the Energy Saving Trust estimates you could save up to £320 a year on your gas bill.


Boiler Service

Once a year it’s crucial to service your boiler so that any underlying faults can be picked up and addressed. A service will ensure your boiler is safe to use and will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, where applicable.


When you book your annual service with HomeServe our Gas Safe registered engineer will visit your home at a time that’s convenient for your schedule. They’ll inspect your boiler and explain their findings, along with any necessary next steps. Your boiler controls will be tested, along with the pressure settings, safety devices, flues and surrounding pipework.


Warning signs that your boiler could need a service

Inefficiencies with your boiler can be identified through various faults which can include:

  • A yellow flame, rather than blue
  • Pressure falls below the recommended setting of 1-1.5 bar
  • Pilot light keeps going off
  • Boiler refills or overheats often
  • Stains/smoke marks appearing on or around the appliance
  • Hot water is not as hot as it should be or the flow is low


What to expect from a HomeServe boiler service

When you book a boiler service with one of our experienced local engineers, they’ll carry out a series of checks on your boiler to ensure it’s operating efficiently and safely. These include:

  • Flues and terminals check
  • All safety devices check
  • Gas pressure and heat input verification
  • Operating pressure reset
  • Combustion fan check
  • Heat exchangers check
  • Gas and water seals check
  • Burners check/ clean
  • Ignition system check
  • Performance test (where possible)
  • Controls check
  • Heating controls advice


A regular service can make your boiler more efficient


It’s recommended that a boiler service takes place annually to avoid potential costly repairs in the future and to ensure your appliance is in good working order, with no hazardous leaks. For, if your boiler is burning fuel inefficiently it could be costing you more to run.


All of our local engineers are experienced at servicing a variety of boilers from the UK’s most popular manufacturers including Glow-wormWorcester BoschValliantBaxi and Viessmann.


To book your annual boiler service call us on 0808 278 6186 or click below to locate your local engineer.


Boiler Repair

Whether you live in England, Scotland or Wales, our experienced network of engineers can attend your property and repair your boiler fault. No matter if it’s an emergency or non-emergency situation, our Gas Safe registered staff will work hard in order to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Our fully-trained engineers are equipped at repairing a wide range of boiler faults and complications and will be able to identify what’s causing your heating or hot water (or both), to stop working. From poor circulation to leaking boilers, our friendly engineers will work fast and efficiently to restore your boiler to optimum condition.


Book a fast boiler repair with no hidden fees


At HomeServe we know that a boiler breakdown can cause a lot of stress – from the inconvenience of arranging appointments, to the discomfort for everyone in your home. The unexpected cost of a boiler repair can also be a worry which is why we’ll always be upfront about our fees – and provide a breakdown so it’s clear what our call-our charge is versus labour and parts (where applicable). We’ll also let you know of any faults we find and help you make an informed decision on what to do next.


To find your local engineer and book a repair click below, or call us on 0808 278 6186.


Smart Thermostat Installation


Smart thermostats are growing in popularity in the UK, and are enabling Brits across the country to gain greater control over their home heating. When a smart thermostat is connected to the internet it can be controlled remotely via an app on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Depending on the type of smart thermostat you choose, you can access a range of functions including weather forecast integration (which uses the weather forecast to influence your temperature settings), and location-based heating control (which enables your smart thermostat to detect whether you’re at home – adjusting the temperature accordingly).


Make your home smart with Nest or tado

A smart thermostat will take control of your household heating, intelligently learning your lifestyle patterns and heating your home to the right temperature, as required.


Our network of engineers is fully-trained and experienced in the installation of Nest and tado smart thermostat devices and is able to help recommend the solution that’s suited to your budget and home.


By only heating your property when needed, a smart thermostat can give you greater control over your heating, saving you money on your energy bills and even helping to reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy.


To find out more about the Nest and tado smart thermostats and how they could improve the efficiency of your central heating, call us on 0808 278 6186 or submit an enquiry below.


Appliance Servicing


In the same way that we advise homeowners to service their boiler once a year it’s also advisable to have other gas appliances checked annually. In order to keep your gas equipment working efficiently and to identify any faults before they become health hazards, it’s a good idea to call a Gas Safe registered engineer to your property every 12 months.


Gas appliance services from Gas Safe registered engineers


Whatever your gas appliance, our experienced engineers will carry out a series of tests and safety checks that meet strict industry standards. Should they find any faults they’ll make you aware of their concerns and discuss the next steps required to restore your appliance to full efficiency.


Regular servicing will help to safeguard against future problems and potentially reduce running costs by increasing efficiency.


After your appliance service, our engineer will present you with a report that details the work carried out in accordance with current gas safety standards.


To book your annual services, find your local engineer by calling 0808 278 6186 or clicking below.




The equivalent of a deep clean for your central heating system, a powerflush uses chemicals and water pressure to remove the build-up of rust and debris from within your system.


It works by using high flow and low pressure – circulating high strength cleansing chemicals including a descaler, a corrosion inhibitor and a sludge crust breaker – to improve the efficiency of your boiler and radiators. It can help reduce the risk of breakdown and therefore increases the overall lifespan of your boiler. Powerflush is explained further in this article.


Improve your central heating system with a powerflush

Powerflushes can be used as treatment for a number of common faults, including cold patches on radiators, premature component failure, noisy boilers and heating systems or discoloured water when radiators are bled.


If you’d like to learn more about how a powerflush could help restore warmth to your home and distribute it more evenly, call our friendly team of engineers today. Our Gas Safe registered engineers have vast experience working with a variety of boilers and are well placed to recommend a powerflush where it can be most beneficial.


To discuss your powerflush call us on 0808 278 6186 or click below to submit an enquiry.


Gas Safety Certificates


Property owners who lease their premises to tenants or use them for commercial purposes are required by law to have all of their gas appliances serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


At HomeServe we can help you find an experienced and vetted Gas Safe registered engineer in your local area. Highly experienced at boiler and appliance servicing, our network of engineers will inspect your appliances to ensure they meet the latest health and safety regulations.



Book your Gas Safety inspection today


Once you book your annual Gas Safety inspection, a HomeServe engineer will visit your property and check that all appliances are well ventilated, safety devices are working effectively and that fumes leave the property via the appropriate means.


They’ll then issue you with a report, or Gas Safety Certificate, which will detail their findings and recommended improvements. Where a significant fault is identified, our engineer will declare an appliance unsafe, making sure to fully explain why, while also recommending how it can be fixed.

Gas Safety Certificates are valid for a year and must be renewed every 12 months.

If you’d like to discuss your gas safety requirements or book an appointment with one of our experienced engineers, call us on 0808 274 7581 or click book an appointment with your local engineer below.