Thermostatic radiator valves (or TRVs), usually fitted to radiators so that you can control the temperature within your room

What is a thermostatic radiator valve or TRV?

Thermostatic radiator valves (or TRVs) could be fitted to radiators so that you can control the temperature within your room. They could help reduce the energy used in your home, by managing the temperatures and helping prevent overheating.


When fitted onto a radiator, thermostatic radiator valves could reduce the flow of water into it once the temperature reaches a certain setting. Control the temperature in each room using a TRV and you could save yourself money – a lower setting uses less energy and you could also reduce heat wastage on rooms that aren’t in use**.


There are two types of TRV:


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Standard TRV

If you have one centralised boiler and just one thermostat, then a standard TRV could help you heat your home more efficiently. A standard thermostatic radiator valve requires you to manually adjust it to the desired temperature. Once set, the temperature could stay the same throughout the year. This could create a more comfortable environment for you, for example keeping you warm in your living room, but cooler in your bedroom. Please note, it is not recommended to install a thermostatic radiator valve in your bathroom. That’s because the heat from a shower or bath could give the impression that the room has reached its desired temperature, even if this isn’t so. You should also ensure that it is placed away from draughts, such as windows or doors, as this could again lead it to misread the overall temperature of the room.


Smart TRV

A modern, smart TRV is usually a more convenient way of controlling your heating and could potentially help to further reduce your bills**. You could have more control over the temperature in each of your rooms from hour to hour, depending upon when you use them. They tend to be more accurate and could be pre-programmed so that each of your rooms is the ideal temperature at the right time.

They connect to a smart thermostat to create different heating zones, automatically adjusting to the room’s temperature. If you come back from work at 6pm and like to watch TV to relax, you could pre-programme the smart TRV to come on just before you arrive so that the room is at your ideal temperature for maximum comfort when you get home. Accurate controls could also reduce hot and cold spots in rooms, potentially allowing a constant temperature across different radiators. Not only could you be able to gain enhanced control over your home environment, but you could also save money by using energy more efficiently**.


Smart TRVs vs. standard TRVs

Thermostatic radiator valves could be a great way of controlling the temperature in your home, as well as potentially helping save on energy bills**. Standard TRVs do this job well, but taking advantage of smart technology could work even better. Smart TRVs could be a convenient, intuitive and an easy way to control the temperature in your home. Not only could you control the temperature in each of your rooms separately, but you could also create different sections within a space by allowing each radiator to become its own ‘zone’. A Smart TRV could provide even more of an opportunity to reduce your energy bills**.

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** Source: Saving calculated when replacing G-rated with A-rated boiler in a semi-detached house.

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