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Which boiler is best for my large home?

If you live in a large home with 5 or more bedrooms, it’s essential that you get a boiler that is powerful enough to keep up with your heating and hot-water needs. Here at HomeServe, it’s our goal to help you find a boiler that can provide you with the home heating you require, regardless of the size of your property. Keep reading to find out which boiler could be best-suited to your 5+ bedroom home.


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Choosing the best boiler for a large 5+ bed house


In order for you to receive the levels of heating and hot-water that you need for your large home, you must select a suitably sized boiler. A boiler too powerful could lead to your energy bills rising unnecessarily, whilst a boiler with insufficient power could leave you without the central heating you need.

At HomeServe, our team has the skills and expertise to provide you with an effective and efficient heating solution that could meet you and your family’s needs for years to come. All our boilers are A-rated for efficiency and have the potential to help you save up to £200 on your annual energy bills*! We also work with leading brands to provide you with a diverse range of efficient heating systems.


What size boiler is best and why kW output is important


The measurement of a boiler’s power is referred to as its kW output. A boiler’s kW output defines its ability to cope with central heating demands. Typically, the higher the kW output a boiler has, the more it is able to deal with a higher demand for central heating. The kW output required for your home will depend on the number of bathrooms and radiators you have, along with the rate at which your heating will be used.


There are 3 main boiler types:


There are 3 main boiler types:



The kW outputs for these boiler types are measured differently, so the boiler size required for your home will depend on the type of system you choose. Below we provide more information on these boiler types along with estimated guides of their kW output ranges.


Combi boilers


Designed to be a compact and highly energy-efficient source of heating, combi boilers are a popular choice for homeowners. These systems do not require any additional tanks or cylinders, thus providing an opportunity for you to save space. Visit our combi boiler page to find out more.

It’s likely that you’ll need a large combi boiler to suit the needs of your 5+ bedroom home. Here’s an estimated guide of combi boiler kW outputs to help you make a suitable choice for your property:


24-27kW 1-2 bedroom, 10 radiators, 1 bathroom
28-34kW 3-4 bedroom, 15 radiators, 1-2 bathroom
35-42kW 4+ bedroom, 20 radiators, 2+ bathroom



Conventional boilers


Also known as regular or heat only boilers, these systems use an additional hot-water tank and cold-water cylinder for water storage. They can also deliver water to multiple taps at once. Take a look at our conventional boiler page to find out more information about this boiler type.


System boilers


System boilers are designed to provide hot-water and heating without the use of a water tank. Most of their major heating components are already built into their system. Similar to conventional boilers, system boilers also have the ability to deliver water to multiple taps simultaneously. Take a look at our system boiler page to find out more.

Both conventional and system boilers have similar kW output ranges, here’s an estimated guide to help you select a suitable boiler size for your large home:


12-15kW 1-3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
18-24kW 3-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bathroom
30kW+ 4+ bedrooms, 2+ bathroom



Why not try our free online quote tool?


If you’d like a recommendation for a new boiler that could suit your needs, along with a free price estimate for its installation, why not try our free online quote tool? Simply answer a couple of short questions and within a few moments you could receive your free quote. Give our tool a try today!


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A range of options for your new boiler


You should now have a better idea of the size of boiler that could suit your large home, so you can now select a suitable boiler model. At HomeServe, we supply a vast range of boilers from some of the most popular brands in the industry; including Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Vaillant. You can thus rest assured knowing that with us, you’re in safe hands.

We aim to make paying for your boiler as simple as possible. That’s why we seek to offer access to a range of flexible finance plans to help you manage your payments according to your budget**. To find out more information about our finance options, visit our Access to Finance page.


To help you select the right boiler for your needs, below we list a few boilers that could be suitable for your large home:


  1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 50kW Combi 
  2. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 40kW Heat-only
  3. Ideal Vogue C40 Combi boiler
  4. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style 50kW Combi
  5. Ideal Evomax 40kW Heat-only
  6. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 35kW System boiler
  7. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style 35kW System boiler
  8. Intergas HRE 40 Heat-only
  9. Vaillant EcoTec Plus 938 Combi
  10. Vaillant EcoTec Exclusive 43KW Combi 


Boiler warranties


Every boiler that we install comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to 10 years to provide you with an added sense of peace of mind***. Should your new system breakdown or need a repair within its assigned warranty period, you could receive a replacement or repair from your manufacturer at no extra cost***. Contact us today to find out more.


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Is your home a different size? Check out our similar guides:


Recommended boiler sizes are estimates only and should are not a substitute for expert engineer advice.

*Source: Saving calculated when replacing G-rated with A-rated boiler in a semi-detached house.

**Credit is subject to status, affordability assessment and credit checks. Interest-free credit is available over 2 years on all boiler makes. Credit is also available across 36-120 months at 9.9% APR. Finance can be taken out with or without deposit and capital payments can be made at any time to reduce your loan.

***Subject to an annual service at the customer's expense. Warranty extension from 5-years to 7-years or 10-years only available on Worcester Bosch. Warranty extension from 5-years to 10-years available on Ideal Boilers. All warranty extensions subject to an additional charge.


Information and other materials on this website are not intended to constitute professional advice and should not be relied upon. Please see ourTerms of Use for further details.

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