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My boiler is working, but there’s no hot water

If your boiler is struggling to provide hot water despite appearing to be on and working, there are some things you can check yourself at home. However, please be aware that the following advice should only be used to help you identify the problem; all repairs and handywork should be conducted by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

Here’s a few things you could check to help determine what may be wrong with your boiler:

1. The electricity supply

The first thing you could check is that your boiler is receiving the power it needs to function, so take a look at everything from the backlight on the display to the pressure gauge. The gauge should be at around the 1 bar mark – if it is at zero, the electricity supply might have failed.


2. The thermostat

It doesn’t hurt to check faults that may seem the most obvious – the thermostat is one of them. It might have been turned down accidentally (or by one of the kids!), so a quick check to see that it is at the right level to supply hot water to your taps is one of the first things to tick off the list.


3. The water flow

If there is no hot water from the boiler, there may be no water flowing through the system at all. You can check the pump itself at the boiler without having to remove the boiler cover on most models, so listen for the water flow there. If it sounds like there is no water running through, call us to book an appointment with one of our Gas Safe-registered engineers to restore it to normality.


4. The pilot light

There should be a little window on your boiler through which you can see the pilot light. If it is working, it should be burning a bright blue colour. If it is orange or yellow, there may be carbon monoxide present, which is extremely dangerous – turn the boiler off and call a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately if this is the case.


5. The radiators

You’ll could also check your radiators. Some central heating systems develop cold spots when there is a build-up of matter inside the radiators, which prevents the proper flow of water. If your radiators are completely cold, there could be a significant issue with your water flow. Our engineers could fix this issue by conducting a system Powerflush.


6. The timer

Timers can fall off schedule over time, so it’s worth checking that your boiler is still set to the right time if it appears to be producing no hot water. Think about when the clocks go backwards and forwards at different times of year – it’s a common problem for boilers to go out of sync because of this. Adjusting the time could be a simple fix that could allow you get your hot water supply back to a standard that meets your needs.

Our Gas Safe-registered engineers

It is crucial to remember that you should only perform checks on your boiler that are simple with minimum risk. Do not attempt to fix the issue yourself as this could be extremely dangerous.

All of our engineers are Gas Safe-registered and fully qualified to diagnose and fix your central heating problems, so whether you know what the problem is or not, you can book an appointment with a local expert to diagnose the issue and get your heating back up and running effectively again.

Information and other materials on this website are not intended to constitute professional advice and should not be relied upon. Please see our Terms of Use for further details.

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