There's never a good time for you to experience problems with your boiler. You rely on your central heating system to work efficiently and safely round the clock for a number of years – so it can be stressful when it ceases to work as it should.

However, there are some things that may give your boiler a boost in efficiency and longevity. Learn more about boiler maintenance, safety, service and leaks to help make your boiler system safer and more energy-efficient.


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Get an annual boiler service

Once a year your boiler should be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Your boiler will be inspected to check that it complies with regulations, and will be tested, cleaned and repaired – should any faults be uncovered.

Helping to prevent it from becoming slow, uneconomical and dangerous, an annual boiler service is recommended to ensure your boiler remains gas safe.


Fire up your boiler regularly

Switching your boiler on regularly, even in hot weather could help to keep the unit’s pump clear and also help ensure all the parts are moving properly, potentially reducing the risk of a breakdown. It's simple: just fire up your boiler for around ten minutes each month to help it stay in optimum condition.


Understand the risks of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal so it's essential that you protect your household. You could do this by installing a carbon monoxide alarm. It’s recommended that you choose an audible alarm that meets British or European Standards, that’s designed to warn you quickly if it detects a leak. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include nausea and vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, confusion and stomach pain. It's important to understand these and to seek medical assistance immediately if you spot them.

Know what to do if there's a gas leak

If you suspect a gas leak, contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately by calling 0800 111 999. Old or badly installed boilers can sometimes leak gas. Look out for signs of a gas leak including soot or scorched areas around your boiler, a musty odour or unusual condensation on your windows. Other indicators include a pilot light with an orange or yellow flame (it should be blue) or if the light is continually blowing out. Call 0800 111 999 if you discover any of these.

a brand-new boiler could be the answer and our team could help you find a suitable and efficient option for you.


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