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Home Warranty Plans Cover What Your Basic Homeowners Insurance Doesn't

Dishwasher issues


I spend many nights lying awake worrying about things that can go wrong in my life. Especially when it pertains to my new home. Will the AC system break down next summer during a heat wave? Will my kitchen appliances go on the fritz? What if my garage door opener won’t open? That’s why home warranty plans can provide peace of mind as they help with the costs of covered home system and appliance repairs. Breakdowns are often unfortunate surprises, so feeling prepared for these unexpected issues tops the list of reasons why homeowners invest in this kind of coverage.

Understanding what's included in the warranty is key to choosing the right plan. While the exact coverage varies by the plan and provider, here are some possibilities:

The electrics 

A home warranty that covers electrical systems can be a lifesaver when wiring breakdowns or faulty system components cause short circuits and power outages. When electrical surges damage electrical products and appliances, such as computers, refrigerators, dishwashers and window air conditioning units, having a home warranty in place may help cover the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged products.

The plumbing 

Problems with pipes and sewer lines are not only major inconveniences, but they can also require expensive repair work performed by a licensed professional. When you have a home warranty for plumbing, it may cover services such as repairing or replacing pipes, unblocking clogged drains, locating and fixing leaks, repairing drain lines and more. Plans typically cover issues relating to the interior plumbing and drainage, water heater, plus some offer gas line and exterior service line.

The heating and cooling 

Home warranties are helpful with heating and cooling system repairs as well. They can cover repair and replacement work for system parts such as circuit boards, fuses, breakers, condensers, motors, fans, controls, valves and burners. When you have a home warranty in place and your HVAC system breaks down, simply call your warranty provider and representatives will help you in scheduling a service call.

The appliances 

In addition to the larger systems in your home, home warranty plans can also cover appliances themselves. A typical warranty may offer coverage of major appliances such as:


-Washers and Dryers 

-Ranges, ovens and cooktops 


-Built-in microwave 

-Garbage disposal 

-Garage door openers y


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