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Boiler installed as nation’s most important home comfort, as big switch on begins

Posted 17 November 2016 9:38 AM by John Greaves

The humble boiler has been installed as the nation’s most important modern home comfort – but almost a third of us have no idea how to operate it, according to research from leading home assistance provider HomeServe.

The home’s engine room beat off competition from the beloved TV (32 per cent) to take the title, with more than a third (34 per cent) of those asked declaring it their definition of a 21st Century home comfort.

The study of 2,000 people, carried out by OnePoll, has discovered what UK homeowners now consider their top ten 21st Century “home comforts” to be.

Come winter, the trusty boiler becomes the critical home comfort, with 72 per cent of people saying they, quite literally, couldn’t live without it as the colder months strike.

HomeServe’s own data shows that October was the month when most of us made that all-important decision to switch our boilers on.

However, almost one in three of us (30 per cent) don’t know how to programme our own boiler and home heating and almost half (48 per cent) don’t check our boilers are serviced or working properly before a big chill hits.

In fact, the study also showed that some 17 per cent of all homeowners do nothing at all to prepare their homes for the colder winter months.

With more cold weather expected this weekend and boilers across the country being cranked up, carrying out a few simple checks could mean homeowners save themselves a sizable sum if boiler failure or faults strike.

HomeServe has produced the Ultimate Boiler Guide to help UK homeowners prepare their boilers for winter. It also has teams of HomeServe engineers on standby to help homeowners who may experience faulty or broken boilers this autumn and winter. More information is available at