Wasp on earth?! Nation’s wasps seem to have buzzed off!

Posted 24 August 2016 3:42 PM by John Greaves

As peak wasp season approaches, HomeServe callouts to deal with problem wasp and hornets nests are down so far in 2016

It seems the nation’s wasps have ‘buzzed off’ this summer after leading home assistance company HomeServe recorded a 25 per cent drop in the number of callouts to deal with the insects.

Despite May, June and July being traditional peak months for problem pest call outs – in particular wasps and hornets – calls outs have dropped by a quarter (on 2015 figures) so far this summer.

Last summer HomeServe engineers tackled almost 1,600 wasp or hornet-related call-outs. But for the same period in 2016, they’ve responded to just 1,181. In previous years when wasp numbers have fluctuated, experts have attributed it to changeable weather.

Despite the dip in claims so far in 2016, HomeServe is able to help Customers manage all kinds of pest problems in their homes and have teams of trained specialists on hand if or when they arise. HomeServe also offers a series of simple tips to help homeowners deal with wasps in their homes themselves.

The sting in the tail is that wasps can actually benefit the environment by controlling other small pests and clearing away dead insects. BBC Gardener’s World presenter and HomeServe residential blogger Alys Fowler, said: “Wasps in late August are annoying. They are drunk on sugar and angry, but for good reason. “They are mostly females bereft of young to feed and mad at the world for it. But think kindly on them because they are some of our finest predators for soft bodied garden pests, chowing down on caterpillars and aphids to take back to feed their young.  

“There are many wasp species and some of them are essential pollinators and other parasitic on many garden pests.”

And Alys has a top tip for tackling a wasp problem in the garden this summer. “Flapping your arms around wasps is futile, you are behaving exactly as they expect you too and will only make them angrier,” she said.

“Move very slowly and calmly and cover your drink with a beer mat and you'll find they soon give up for some easier source of sugar.”

Picture caption: HomeServe callouts to deal with problem wasp and hornets nests are down so far in 2016

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