HomeServe urges people not to get caught out by ‘cold snap’

Posted 21 August 2014 9:30 AM by Mark Round

With talk of a possible dip in temperatures this week, HomeServe is reminding people not to get caught out by the seemingly chilly nip in the air.

Having seen some parts of the UK recently basking in sunshine and humidity over recent weeks and months, it’s easy to forget the importance of boiler maintenance when temperatures take an unexpected dip.

UK Meteorologist Charles Powell said: “It’s going to be noticeable given that people have been going to bed with windows open. There might be some chilly temperatures in rural parts of the UK over the next couple of nights and there could well be a nip in the air compared to recent temperatures. In some parts temperatures may well drop into single figures.

Thankfully has a wealth of handy hints and tips for homeowners looking to keep their home warm and ensure they don’t get caught off-guard unexpectedly not least given the recent humidity when sleeping at night. A point noted by the UK Met Office.

HomeServe engineer Alan Spencer said: "It's always wise to make sure that if you haven't had the boiler on for a while that you test it for an hour or so to check it works. Obviously it depends on how big the property is to determine how quickly it heats up. But generally speaking, check the radiators heat up on the top and ensure you leave it on for an hour or so. That should give a good indication as to whether or not there are any problems and whether you need to bleed the radiator.

If you'd like to keep unwanted draughts out and warmth in, Alan added: “Check all seals on windows and doors are maintained properly as this will help to keep the cold at bay. Alternatively, draught excluders for doors can also be a worthwhile purchase as they also help to reduce warmth escaping through the doors.

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