Long Island Homeowner Saves $8,500 on Sewer Line Repair

It was an ordinary late fall day for Bellmore, New York, resident and homeowner Sally C. That was until she noticed some water bubbling up through the main drain in her basement. She immediately remembered her sewer line policy with HomeServe, one of three policies she enrolled her home in a few years prior through the PSEG WorryFree Long Island program.

She gave us a call and asked us to send somebody out to investigate. We followed through, and a local and reliable member of our contractor network, Allied All City Plumbing, was scheduled for the next morning. After snaking the line, the technician advised that if she saw another backup over the next few days, to call back and they would come out to run a camera down to see what was going on.

Sure enough, the backup returned, and Allied Plumbing was dispatched once again. What they found after running a camera down the drain was the beginning of a very necessary and major repair for Sally’s home.

Forty-five feet of sewer line were completely comprised, both by a significant separation in the piping and many thick roots shooting through in multiple places. The entire sewer line needed to be replaced, along with the sidewalk that would need to be ripped up in the process.

"I am really and truly impressed with the quality and speed of HomeServe’s service," said Sally. "Never once did I have to chase anybody down or follow up on my own - I was always contacted with next steps and kept very much at ease."

Long Island Homeowner Saves $8,500 on Sewer Line Repair

Luckily for Sally, this $8,500 job was covered under her HomeServe Sewer Line policy. She first sought out the policy for her home several years ago because of an issue she had at a previous home, which she owned in a different town. She knew it was hard to say how old her sewer line was, but it certainly was not new. HomeServe’s low monthly cost combined with the potential savings should a repair be needed was enough to convince her to become a customer.

"If I hadn’t enrolled in this policy, I would have had to put this entire repair on my credit card - I never would have had the funds for or expected a surprise repair of this nature," Sally told us.

"Not only would my personal finances have taken a major hit, but future travel plans and purchases that I was counting on simply wouldn’t have been possible for me any longer."

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