Former Contractor Finds Himself on the Other Side of Repair

Bob’s Sewer Line Before Repair

Bob R. of Scottsdale, Arizona lived in his home for 25 years before he started having trouble with his sewer line in the early 2000s. Luckily for him, he worked as a general contractor, so he had many work connections and friends that came out to clean the line for him over the years, free of charge.

When a fellow Scottsdale resident told him about the opportunity to cover himself through HomeServe, Bob thought it might be a good idea to enroll in a policy. The issues and backups with his sewer line were becoming more frequent, now backing up sewage into his home a couple times every year. Plus, his work connections wouldn’t last forever, as he was gearing up to retire within the next few years. So, through HomeServe, he enrolled in an optional policy in March 2018 to cover the line – just in case!

Problems with Bob’s sewer line mostly stayed at bay until this year. After one particularly severe backup, Bob gave HomeServe a call and initially talked to Kathryn Williams, part of the company’s customer service team in Chattanooga, Tennessee – and she got the ball rolling. He’d been a customer for four years, and that was about to pay off for his wallet.

Moon Valley Plumbing, a member of HomeServe’s contractor network based out of Scottsdale, arrived at Bob’s home in no time. After snaking the line to test for a clog, they ran a camera down just to discover that the connection between Bob’s sewer line and the city’s main line had come loose. This meant Moon Valley and HomeServe had to work with the city to epoxy the interior of the new pipe to prevent a re-occurrence and complete the repair to the connection. When a sewer pipe needs to be replaced, epoxy pipe lining creates a brand-new pipe directly inside of the old one. This way, the process is quicker, neater and overall, more efficient for all parties.

“HomeServe was very responsive to my needs every single day that I needed them,” said Bob. “I can’t remember a time, no matter if it was a Tuesday or Sunday, that I couldn’t get in touch with someone the same day.”

In the days that followed, the city dug into the street to expose the line so Moon Valley could complete the replacement and subsequent repair to the connection. When all was said and done, the repair saved Bob about $3,500. Soon enough, the sewer line problems stopped for good for Bob and his family.

It’s true that for many years, Bob had both the connections through his career to help with any potential home repair problems, along with a professional understanding of certain issues. Despite that, he still feels enrolling in a HomeServe policy was one of the best decisions he’s made as a homeowner.

He had some words of wisdom to share with other homeowners who may be considering a supplemental policy through HomeServe.

“If you are a homeowner considering a HomeServe policy, don’t second guess yourself – take it from me. It costs next to nothing compared to what it can save you,” advised Bob. “It’s well worth the peace of mind to know that if you have an issue, you have someone who can respond quickly and directly. I can’t explain how much I appreciate everything HomeServe has done for us.”

Bob’s Sewer Line After Repair

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