Best instagram accounts to follow if you love DIY Home improvement

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Best instagram accounts to follow if you love DIY Home improvement

Staying at home during the coronavirus has fueled my Instagram habit...big time! Lots of free time, means lots of sharing on the super popular, 10 year old, photo-sharing app. (Insta, once beloved by hipsters, but now used by almost everyone, was just a wee San Fran start-up company back in 2010, and now has more than 500 million daily active users.)


Feed your Instagram habit by checking out these great home decor and improvement ideas:

Renovation raconteurs

If you have a big home renovation on the horizon or are seriously considering one, these three accounts may be right up your alley:

@mrkate: Nearly a million Instagram followers (plus 3.5 million on her Creative Weirdos YouTube channel) go to Mr. Kate for home renovation advice, including room-specific ideas and broad-scale advice on which design aesthetics to follow.
@arrowsandbow: Ashley Petrone, the interior designer behind this account, aims to illustrate her personality (and that of her family) through design choices, particularly furniture. Especially recommended if you want a beach-house vibe for your house or are considering something like an outdoor kitchen.
@conklinhouse: Fans of home renovation approaches that are modernist-leaning (and more than a little bit quirky) should check out Clare Conklin's Instagram - for example, house numbers used as dresser drawer handles!

DIY details

Driven to do more with less (as in spending less money) in your renovations? If so, check out these Instagramers:

  • @younghouselove: This account documents the tribulations of Sherry Petersik and her partner John as they go about radically renovating their year-round home as well as two beach houses that have definitely seen better days. Great for motivation if you're mired in a long improvement process that sometimes doesn't feel like it's going to end.
  • @angelarosehome: Renovation doesn't have to break the bank to effectively and creatively spruce up your home, a fact that designer Angela Rose truly takes to heart in her celebration of innovative and affordable DIY home improvement solutions.
  • @sugarandcloth: Ashley Rose - no relation to the aforementioned Angela - specializes in trendy, smart (some might say hipster) aesthetics for her various home design and crafting ideas, but explains how her followers can do similarly crafty things with design through DIY ingenuity and force of will.

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Specific style showcases

Does your home renovation project have a specific architectural style? Look to the following accounts for some relevant advice and inspiration:

  • @francois_et_moi: Tudor style isn't what anyone would consider an en vogue home aesthetic, but Erin Francois is working overtime to bring her interior into the 21st century. Her account is great for color scheme and accent ideas.
  • Take a (digital) trip across the pond to see how U.K. art teacher Rachael slowly but surely fixed up a Victorian home into a bespoke interior designer's dream.
  • @thegoldhive: As of September 2019, museum curator Ashley is still in the process of restoring a century-old Craftsman house in San Diego she bought in 2015. The photos are great, but her blog is also excellent for detailed, sensible home renovation ideas.

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