Close up of very dirty ceramic kitchen stove in kitchen

In this detailed guide, we explain how to thoroughly clean glass and ceramic stovetops using two equally effective methods. Other topics include ways to stay safe during the stove-cleaning process and strategies for moving your stove without scratching the floor.

woman applying stain to exterior deck

Decks can be relaxing sanctuaries that allow you to step straight out of your house and into the fresh air — but, if decks aren't properly maintained, they can quickly go from sanctuary to shambles. Restoring their former glory, however, is fairly simple. Here's how to stain and seal a deck.

restroom grab bars by toilet

When physical disabilities impact anyone in a household due to age, medical issues or injuries, ensuring that the home continues to be a comfortable and safe space for all, and that those with physical challenges can retain their dignity while being well cared for, is, in our book, the very definition of home. Here are some ideas on how to make your home accessible for people with disabilities.


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