Japanese toilet control panel

Modern Japanese toilet add-ons include a number of amazing features, like heated seats, automatic opening lids and bidets. Here's how to install one yourself.

Young man hand using spray gun and filling gap with construction foam between new wooden door and tiles wall in bathroom. Closeup. Repair work of home. Renovation process.

Installing a prehung door is generally easier than installing a slab door, but it can still be a tricky job. Her are some easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Coffee station

No matter your preferences, you can create and customize a coffee bar to fulfill your wildest caffeine-fueled dreams. Need some ideas? Read on to find out everything you need to know about building the “pour-fect” coffee station.

Outdoor patio furniture on a rainy day

Proper care of your patio furniture now will help it last for more seasons. Learn how to winterize your patio furniture so it’s ready to go for next summer.

Installing recessed ceiling light

Depending on your circumstances, recessed lights can be challenging to install on your own. Here's how to install recessed lighting in your home, plus how to decide whether it’s a task you should leave to the pros.


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