before and after photos of a residential oven

Although many modern ovens include self-cleaning features, sometimes the most effective technique for a spotless appliance is good old-fashioned elbow grease. Check out our in-depth guide on how to clean your oven, including what tools you'll need, the different types of oven cleaners available and hot tips for making this dirty deed a little less dreadful.

Leaking radiator heater flooded the hardwood floor of a residence

If you’ve noticed water puddling on or around your radiator and are ready to do something about it, read on as we guide you through how to fix a radiator leak in a conventional system.

Wood window in poor condition with condensation on the inside due to a leak

Needing window repairs can be a stressful and headache-inducing experience. Luckily, you can repair your windows on your own if the damage isn’t too extensive. Take a crack at it with our guide to window repair.


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