very dirty furnace filter

An air conditioner filter that's dirty can't do its job sufficiently, and that can lead to pollen, pet dander, dust and other debris ending up in parts of your home where it shouldn't be. Learn how to clean your AC filter and how often, as well as how to detect a dirty one.

close up photo of a garage floor drain

When you notice that stagnant, sludgy liquid sitting on top of your garage floor grate, you might suddenly feel fear bubbling up inside you. Learn how to face your fear and get things flowing again when your garage floor drain is clogged using our handy guide.

side by side  before and after  photo of an old shower head and its new replacement

Perhaps your shower isn't putting out the water pressure you’d like, or maybe it is just old and you want something newfangled and fancy — whatever the case, your morning shower can set the tone for the rest of your day, so you want things to start off right. Well, before you take one more unsatisfying shower, do something about it! Learn how to change a shower head, here.


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