A residential boiler is shown in what appears to be a basement in a house

Changing your boiler filter twice a year keeps your heating system in top condition. It may also reduce your carbon footprint and monthly heating bills. Here's what to do.

It has to be shiny

Let’s face it: Your tile floors have seen better days. In the kitchen, the tiles are susceptible to all manner of food residue. The bathroom tiles are covered in soap scum and water spots. And that’s not to mention the grout, which definitely used to be white. Luckily, it’s not so hard to get your tile clean. Follow these tips to get started.

close up of professional cleaner cleaning grout with a brush blade and foamy soap on a gray tiled bathroom floor

Cleaning your grout is an easy and inexpensive process that can pay big dividends in freshening up any tiled space in your house.

Residential generator

A home generator can keep things running until your power returns. Here’s a guide to getting your generator up and running.


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