condensation on the outside of a toilet

Is your toilet breaking a sweat? No need to worry; this typically isn't caused by a plumbing issue. In fact, it happens for the same reason your ice-cold drink sweats on a summer day. Learn more about toilet condensation here.

log splitter machine

If you purchased a Black Diamond-, Crimson-, Lumberjack-, Performance Built- or Brute-brand YTL log splitter as far back as 2019, you’ll want to verify whether yours is subject to a recent safety action announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Briggs & Stratton is recalling about 10,000 YTL Log Splitters with 250cc engines for an issue that has already been cited in two reports of broken wrists.

Angry Driver

Your private well is a complex system with many different moving parts, nearly all of which are prone to breaking. Here’s what you need to know about your well pump — including five signs it needs to be repaired or replaced.


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