A stainless steel Samsung Smart refrigerator with a large digital display panel in a modern kitchen with brown wood floors and blue cabinets.

Generally, error codes are not meant for you to understand. But if you can learn to decipher what’s wrong with your refrigerator, you may be able to fix it on your own.

Samsung dishwasher open

If your dishwasher has a digital display, you could get help figuring out what's wrong with the Samsung dishwasher error code that shows up. Here's a guide to Samsung dishwasher codes to help you with troubleshooting issues. 

White window-unit air conditioner being wiped clean

While it might look freaky, the black stuff coming out of your air conditioner is usually no reason to freak out. In most cases, a thorough cleaning will get your window AC unit back up and running smoothly and gunk-free.


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