A puddle sits on the gray hardwood floor underneath a stainless steel refrigerator in a modern domestic kitchen

A leaking fridge can be a minor concern or a major issue if it causes food to begin to rot. Here's why your fridge may be leaking and how to fix it.

A window unit air conditioner is positioned in a window.

How much energy a window unit uses depends on a few factors, including your unit's size, efficiency and manufacturer. We delve into window AC energy ratings and explain how to calculate the impact on your electricity bills.

Hand pressing buttons on a digital range

Can you continue cooking if your oven throws you an error code, or is your baking project going to have to wait? And what do these Whirlpool oven error codes even mean, anyway?

windows unit Air Conditioner in window from the outside

While you expect your window unit to make a steady hum, persistent rattles, clanks or screeches are annoying. Many issues can cause window unit noise.


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