Illustration of a showerhead screaming

Is your shower screaming, whining or squealing? We uncover the reasons behind your shower's assault on your ears — and how to fix it.

Person turning on kitchen faucet with high water pressure

If your water pressure is too high, it can damage pipes and appliances. But how do you know how high is too high? Maintaining the proper water pressure in your pipes will lessen the risk of a range of troublesome complications.

An HVAC on the exterior of a building

While your air conditioner unit is weather-proofed to withstand rain, snow, ice and other environmental conditions, there are a few reasons why installing your air conditioner on top of some sort of stand or pad is advisable.

large sink hole

Thankfully, most sinkholes aren’t the terrifying ones you see in movies. Still, no one wants a large crater in their yard or a hole in the earth opening up under them or anywhere else on their property.


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