white kitchen cabinets

Are you considering giving your kitchen a new look? Among the various remodeling ideas available, refacing your kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to renovate your kitchen and give it a pleasant look.

man is checking the energy efficiency of their house by measuring the thickness of fiberglass insulation in the attic

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for ways to boost the value of their home and save themselves money in the process. Attic insulation is a great way to save on your utility bills and keep your home comfortable. Learn all about attic insulation costs right here.

close up of cedar siding with multiple paint samples on it

The average cost to paint a house is $2,901, with the low end being $650 and the high end reaching $6,200. You may be asking yourself how a few measly cans of paint could cost this much. It has more to do with the materials and equipment needed to do the job right as it has to do with the actual paint required.

brown colored house with new unfinished deck

Adding a deck adds measurable value to your house, with homeowners able to recoup about 70% of building expenses when it comes time to sell. That said, building a deck isn’t exactly cheap — and can get expensive quickly if you aren’t careful.

garbage disposal installed under sink

If your garbage disposal isn’t working, it’s important to get it fixed to prevent a clogged sink — or maybe you don’t have a garbage disposal and are looking to have one installed. Learn about the cost to do the work yourself versus calling in a pro.


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