Samsung smart range with black grates on stovetop, a stainless steel frame, black oven door, multiple knobs and a black smart control panel

Is a Samsung smart range worth the cost? If you like convenience when you cook — and you’re not afraid to pay a bit more for that convenience — the answer is most likely a resounding yes. Here’s how much you can expect to shell out.

Looking up at white steam or smoke venting out of chimney flue vent pipe for furnace and water heater on a cold winter day. Pollution and energy saving concept

Upgrading your heating system can be a costly purchase, but it's also one that can pay dividends in terms of increased comfort and reduced heating bills. But how much does it cost to replace an oil furnace — and is it worth the investment compared to natural gas or propane heating?

Worker cleaning snow on the sidewalk with a snowblower. Wintertime

It's never fun to spend hours shoveling your driveway or trying to get snow off the roof. If you don't have the time or physical fitness to remove the snow yourself, you could consider hiring a snow removal company.


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