man s bare feet on the floor beside a white carpet

Considering adding radiant heating under your floors? It’s a nice added luxury for your bathroom or kitchen — but it's also an energy efficient way to heat your entire house. Here’s how much it’ll cost to install.

Man worker cutting grass in summer with a lawn mower

Lawn care can be hard work, especially in the summer heat. If you're considering paying someone else to mow your lawn and take care of other yard maintenance, here's a guide to how much that might cost.

Red collar with electric shock for a dog isolated

Invisible electric fences are designed to keep pets in and danger out. They cost $15 to $50 per foot — or $850 to $1,500 total — to install in an average-sized yard. Cost varies based on your property size, number of pets and whether you do it yourself. Learn more here.

Technician Checking TV Speaker With Multimeter

Setting up a home theater is easier than you might think. We have your go-to guide to getting a movie theater-quality experience in the comfort of your own home — and how much it'll cost.


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