A man and his son shiver in a cold swimming pool

If you want to use your pool year-round, or at least in early spring or fall as the weather changes, then a pool heater is probably worth it. Dive into our handy guide to learn all about the pool heater costs and pool heater installation costs you should expect to pay.

male painter wearing all white paints a ceiling white using a paint roller on a pole

Typically, a professional painter will charge per square foot rather than per hour. You'll spend between $2 and $6 per square foot on average to hire a painter. Keep in mind, you'll still have to pay for paint if you go with a professional company. In the less-common circumstance in which the company you choose charges by the hour, expect to pay $20 to $50 on average.

Simulated graphic of a heated driveway during a winter snowfall

Dreading the thought of shoveling snow and curious about heated driveway costs? Learn what goes into heated driveway systems and whether they're worth the investment.

neutral rug in a living room

If you’re planning to install a new carpet, most likely you’re considering how much the project will set you back. Check out our comprehensive guide on all carpeting-related costs to help you make an informed decision.

wall thermostat

Just like any other system in your home, your thermostat will need to be replaced at some point — so not only will you want to know what to expect in terms of thermostat replacement and installation costs, but what types are available and when to buy a new one.


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