shopping for a new kitchen stove

Exploring the cost of ovens, stoves and ranges — and the expected features at each price point — can help you plan for an appliance upgrade.

Worker cleaning snow on the sidewalk with a snowblower. Wintertime

Before you call for snow removal services, it's worth finding out whether buying your own snow removal equipment would be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Young couple looking for a proper drying machine

Knowing the average cost of a clothes dryer can help you decide if you should replace or repair your current appliance. Explore this price breakdown based on different types of dryers and the features they offer.

Pickup truck plowing snow in front of house

If you don't have the time or physical fitness to remove the snow yourself, you could consider hiring a snow removal company. Here’s a breakdown of how much that might cost.

Fixing a Clothes Dryer

If you're having dryer issues, you don't have to suffer through months of hanging damp clothing on a clothesline while you save up for repairs. This cost guide should help you budget for dryer repairs and get back to warm, dry clothes.


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