water heater

Water heaters are an essential home appliance. Most homeowners insurance policies won’t cover water heater repairs, but a home warranty may pick up the slack. So if you want to keep enjoying hot showers, you should know all about home warranty coverage for water heaters.

replace water sewer line

The main water line that carries water to your home is extremely vulnerable. Do you hate the idea of gallons of water spouting everywhere as your lawn turns into a muddy disaster? Then water line insurance might be a good idea. Read this guide to learn more.

a 3D render of a House covered by a large umbrella to represent insurance

Many homeowners believe that the home insurance they have is enough to cover their vital household systems, but that’s not always the case. If you don’t like paying out of pocket for expensive repairs, a home warranty could benefit you. Here’s a detailed look at the main differences between home warranties and home insurance.

The protector battery backup and sump pump alarm

Sump pump tank alerts warn you that something's wrong with the sump pump's functionality. Sump pump functionality is vital to preventing water damage to your home. Here's what to do when the alarm goes off.


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