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The short answer to whether homeowners insurance covers plumbing is, “It depends.” Policies differ on an individual basis. That said, there’s one thing that is almost universally left out of policies: Preexisting damage.

replace water sewer line

You might be surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance policy probably doesn’t cover sewer line repairs. If something were to happen to your sewer lines, you might have to pay out of pocket to repair or replace them.  To protect yourself from these kinds of financial mishaps, you might want to invest in sewer line insurance.

water heater

Water heaters are an essential home appliance. Most homeowners insurance policies won’t cover water heater repairs, but a home warranty may pick up the slack. So if you want to keep enjoying hot showers, you should know all about home warranty coverage for water heaters.

replace water sewer line

The main water line that carries water to your home is extremely vulnerable. Do you hate the idea of gallons of water spouting everywhere as your lawn turns into a muddy disaster? Then water line insurance might be a good idea. Read this guide to learn more.


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