red metal toolbox sits against a white background with its lid open with its overstuffed tools sticking out of the top. A large

Sometimes tools are simply too complicated for their own good – or yours. On your next DIY project, save your money on these four tools.

a residential home showing a Juicebox EV car charger mounted to a wall near where a chevy ev is parked

Choosing the best EV charger for your home can be confusing. Consider the benefits that a Level 2 EV charger provides when shopping for your home charging station. Here are some of the best options on the market.

Blue bottle bath fluid in a clean and comfortable bathroom

No one likes a cluttered shower. Since you spend a considerable amount of time there each day, you want to design the area in the aesthetically pleasing way possible. Here are some storage solutions.

Collage of black-and-white photos of  spooky  smart technologies

The more you automate the systems of your home and the more appliances you have running outside your immediate control, the quicker the whole place starts to feel, well, haunted. That’s pretty freaky, as evidenced by these, some of the creepiest smart technologies and features you can invite into your home. 


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