Dealing with a leaking tap

If you've got a leaky tap, just follow these steps to identify and fix the problem:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Unscrew the nut on the tap – it's important to hold onto the spout of the tap while you're doing this, otherwise you could end up with a cracked basin or pipe leak.
  3. Once the valve is out you can check the condition of the washer – if it looks old and squashed then it's likely to have been causing the leak.
  4. Replace the washer if necessary.
  5. Re-tighten the nuts on the tap.
  6. If a tap continues to drip once the washer has been replaced then it will probably require reseating. Wear and tear has caused the seating to become worn.

If the leak is coming from around the tap spindle or the tap is vibrating during use, this can often be treated by replacing the gland packing or O-ring seals in the tap.

The tap is still dripping

Older brass taps may suffer from age by developing cavities and becoming porous. If this is the case then the taps will require changing.

Top tips

  • Always insert the plug in the hole. This saves any small objects that might fall from the tap during repair.
  • When reassembling the tap apply some silicone grease to the spindle to aid removal in the future.

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