Important information regarding our DIY help and advice

We try to make the advice on our website (www.HomeServe.com) as useful and reliable as possible. However, the purpose of this advice section of the website is to provide homeowners and private landlords with general guidance and useful tips only. It doesn't necessarily deal with every important topic or cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals and might not be relevant or appropriate in all circumstances. It is not designed to provide professional advice or financial advice and should not be relied on as such.

If in any doubt, you should consult an appropriately qualified expert for specific advice before acting on any of the information contained in the advice section of the website. You should never attempt to carry out any activity which may put you or others at risk or which may cause damage to your or anyone else's property. The activities described shouldn't be attempted by anyone under the age of 18, or the inexperienced. Some activities such as those involving gas or electricity should only be carried out by qualified professionals. Always read and follow any relevant manuals and safety instructions. Also, if you have insurance cover you should check that your cover isn't invalidated by undertaking work yourself. We do not and cannot advise on planning permission or building regulation issues.

To the extent permitted by law, we accept no responsibility (including loss, damage or injury) for your use of the advice on our Website.

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Version of 22 July 2014