Some rooms are too hot, some rooms are too cold

If some rooms in your house are roasting and others are like an ice chest, it's possible that your central heating system has become unbalanced.

Close the valve

Radiators heat up in turn, which means those nearest the boiler will often be warmer. By partially closing the lockshield valve on those radiators you can allow more hot water to flow to the ones further away.

Use a radiator thermometer

Ideally, you need to use radiator thermometers and adjust each radiator in the order in which they heat up. Turn off the lockshield valve, place a thermometer at either end of the radiator and open the valve slowly until the temperature at either end is almost the same.

No thermometer? No problem

If you don't have radiator thermometers you can gradually adjust the lockshield valves on every radiator until you feel the system is balanced. A good rule of thumb is to reduce the flow in the warmest rooms and increase it in the coldest and then make slight adjustments bit by bit.

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