Boiler care: easy boiler maintenance

Even if you're not a boiler expert, there are a few simple things you can do to help make sure your boiler runs smoothly all year long. Find out how to keep your boiler functional and your home safe here with our boiler care article.

Keep your boiler healthy

Although you should always employ a professional to service your gas boiler, there are a few simple things you can do yourself to help make sure it stays in top condition.

  • Get a regular boiler service
    It's important to you arrange a regular boiler service – even if your boiler appears to be working fine. A service may be included with your boiler cover.
  • Check your heating all year round
    Running your central heating regularly can help to keep your boiler in good condition. Turning your central heating on for 10 - 15 minutes every so often (even during spring and summer) can help to keep all the parts moving correctly and minimise the chances of a breakdown.
  • Call in the professionals
    If you encounter a problem with your boiler, don't try and fix it yourself – always call an engineer. If you're worried about gas leaks, check out our article about gas safety.

Carbon monoxide and your boiler

Caring for your boiler can help to keep poisonous carbon monoxide at bay. Find out more about carbon monoxide and how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home with these useful tips.

  • What is carbon monoxide?
    Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odourless, invisible and poisonous gas which is produced when gas boilers don't completely burn their fuel. It can therefore be tricky to spot and you're unlikely to know if you're at risk.
  • Buy a carbon monoxide alarm
    One way to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning is to install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your home. If the alarm detects carbon monoxide, it will alert you straight away. Alarms cost approximately £15 - £30 and can be found at most DIY stores.
  • How to install a carbon monoxide alarm
    Install your carbon monoxide alarm at least one metre away from your boiler (ideally within the same room) and you'll be alerted if your boiler starts to produce carbon monoxide. Remember to test your alarm at regular intervals.
  • If you suspect a gas leak
    In the event of a gas leak in your home, contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

Boiler maintenance in rental properties

Do you rent your home? Are you a landlord? Find out what your responsibilities are for boiler maintenance if you rent your home or are letting a property.

  • If you're a tenant
    Tenants aren't responsible for taking care of their home's boiler – this is the landlord's responsibility. By law, your landlord must ensure that your rental property's boiler is in working order and serviced at least once a year.
  • If you're a landlord
    Landlords have a legal responsibility to maintain any gas appliances provided for their tenants' use. Find out how to arrange your Landlord Gas Safety Inspection (CP12) and more about the responsibilities of a landlord with our range of landlord help and advice.

Boiler care: find out more

For further boiler information and tips for keeping your boiler running smoothly, take a look at our range of boiler help and advice articles.

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