Keep your TV trouble free

Not being able to watch your favourite programme on TV can be a major annoyance. Rather than buy a new TV when it gives you trouble, repairing the fault may be easier (and cheaper!) than you think.

This article can help you find solutions to the following common problems:

  • The TV turns on and off by itself
  • A patch of different colour displays at the side of the screen
  • TV has picture but no sound
  • TV has sound but no picture

If the trouble is with your TV aerial, see our aerial and satellite section for troubleshooting articles.

The TV turns on and off by itself

Try the following steps:

  1. Replace the batteries in your TV remote control.
  2. Cover up the infra-red receptor on the front of your TV with a piece of foil to see if you're getting unwanted signals from the receptor.
  3. Unplug your TV for a moment then plug it back in – this resets the logic functions which might be causing the glitch.
  4. Recently added equipment (like remote-control extenders, new remotes or new devices) might be interfering with your TV. Remove these devices and test your TV again.

A patch of different colour displays at the side of the screen

This can be caused by speaker magnets that are positioned too close to the set. Try moving them further away to see if this resolves the problem.

If not, you might have to get physical. Firmly slap the discoloured screen area with the palm of your hand. If you notice ringing waves of colour in the picture the shadow mask inside the tube is probably distorted. If so, you'll probably have to replace your TV.

TV has picture but no sound

This can be symptomatic of more serious problems; however, it might also be down to a simple sound setting. Go to the TV's onscreen menu and see if you have the wrong sound system selected. If there's an auto setting, select that option.

TV has sound but no picture

Try increasing the brightness and contrast to maximum. Is there any static on the screen? If so, the line time base and transformer are without fault. You may be able to hear a very high pitched whistle from the line time base, indicating that it's working.

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