Common satellite TV problems

If you're having trouble with your satellite TV there might be an easy fix. Common problems include missing channels and loss of picture.

Picture break-up, clicking sounds or loss of sound

Resolve image or sound issues with the following steps:

  • Reset
    Try resetting your set-top box.
  • Check connections
    Check that all connections at the back of your set-top box and TV are secure.

If the problem continues then contact your satellite TV supplier.

Missing channels or interactive services

If some channels or services are missing, there might be a simple solution:

  • Set-top box
    Try resetting your set-top box. If that doesn't work then there may be a problem with your equipment or your viewing card. Contact your satellite TV supplier for help.
  • Satellite dish
    The satellite dish or LNB may be misaligned. Contact your satellite TV supplier or a satellite engineer to fix this problem.
  • Weather conditions
    Heavy rain can affect your satellite TV reception, but everything should return to normal once the storm has passed. If high winds cause problems then dish may not be securely fixed. Call a satellite engineer to get the dish secured.

Error messages

Don't panic if you get an error message. Try the following steps:

  • Reset
    If your set-top box displays an error message, try resetting it in the first instance.
  • Try another unit
    See if you can borrow a set-top box. If the borrowed box works then your box is probably faulty – contact your satellite TV supplier for a replacement.

If neither of these solutions work there might be a problem with your satellite dish or LNB. Contact your satellite TV supplier or a satellite engineer to fix this problem.

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